Helga Grove
Clay Sculpture and Other Artwork

Helga Grove was born in Stettin, Germany, in 1927. She studied three years at the studio of Gerd and Lu Grove (Jan's parents), in Lübeck, until 1949.

In 1950 she began training at the School for Textile Design in Krefeld, Germany, under Georg Muche (Bauhaus). In 1952 she graduated from the Meisterklasse.

Helga, 1968 Sphinx, 1996
Guardian, 1996

Helga designed for several pottery studios, then in 1958 worked with her husband in their own studio. In 1960, they moved to Istanbul, where Helga worked as a guest at the School for Applied Fine Arts.

Since 1965, upon coming to Canada, Helga has worked with Jan in their studio as sculptor and designer. In 1981 she became a member of the Victoria Limners Society.

Mourning Couple, 1971
In 1982, Helga was introduced to silk painting by Professor Annette Pöllmann, Krefeld, Germany.
The Little Monster I Dish
Helga sculpting Goat, 1972 Goat, 1972

Helga designed and executed the sgraffito (scratched), inlaid and hand-painted designs that decorate the earlier pottery.

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